Webkinz Recipes and More!

Are your children having trouble figuring out recipes on Webkinz World? These unique toys that allow children and young teens to create an online pet can be much more complicated than you’d expect. Despite tutorials on the main Webkinz site, and despite numerous websites devoted to these adorable pets, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to do! This is especially true for the younger children like mine and for recipes in particular. After I helped them get past creating ‘gunk’ (the stuff that is produced from failed recipes), I thought it would be great to share some helpful pointers.How do you find the recipes- On Webkinz world there are recipes so you can let your pet try something new. You have to have 3 specific different foods and put them either in the oven, in the sandwich maker, the blender, or on the barbeque. But how do you find these recipes? There are 2 different ways. One of the ways is to watch TV by turning on your Webkinz television and selecting the cooking channel. Chef Gazpacho tells you many great and interesting recipes and they are always different. This is a great way to learn exactly what works! If you do not own a TV you need not rush to buy one for your pet. A simple alternative is to visit the W-Shop and just buy a recipe book, although in my experience many of these recipes are not as interesting.The different cooking appliances- For cooking there are four different appliances. There is a stove, a sandwich maker, a BBQ, and a blender. While it’s great to have all these different appliances to make your pet some great food, you must be careful! If you put the wrong ingredients into an appliance you will end up with ‘gunk’. We will cover ‘gunk’ a bit more in a moment, but for now just know that your pet will not eat it. For example; if you were making a sandwich on the oven then you will get gunk, but if you make a sandwich in the sandwich maker, you will succeed and have a delicious sandwich for your Webkinz pet to enjoy. The oven is used to make things such as spaghetti and pies. The sandwich maker is obviously to make sandwiches, the blender is to make things such as smoothies and milkshakes, and the BBQ is for making things like hamburgers. To find more recipes for the BBQ or blender, remember you can buy a cook book, it will contain many delicious recipes for your Webkinz.The gunk problem- If you decide to experiment with recipes and they don’t turn out right they will turn into gunk. You will also create gunk if you try a recipe on the wrong appliance or even just use the incorrect ingredient. However, even though your Webkinz does not like gunk, you can sell it at the W-shop. There are many different colors of gunk, but it’s all worth about the same amount of Kinzcash.

Written or Video Based Tutorials

Tutorials can be presented as both, a learning method and updating one’s information. There are simple and easy tutorials for basic processes or complex and intricate for difficult procedures.

Written tutorials

A written tutorial is a document explaining the procedure in a step by step format. It’s either available online for download or can be printed on a page. They are also embedded in the software as Help manuals. The information provided is descriptive in nature and gives procedural details. Written tutorials can be used as reference guides for a particular problem.

To engage the learner, we can present the tutorial in the form of a story, adding images, narrative text and music. A PowerPoint presentation with graphics and sounds makes for an interesting tutorial. Feedbacks and short quizzes can also be included on the tutorial to gauge learner response.

Written tutorials are mainly prepared as PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents.

Video based tutorials

Video tutorials are the most promising form of instructions. They engage the learner in close to real life scenarios. These tutorials are very interactive. They train the learner to respond to a given situation by simulating a process onscreen or presenting a video on it. Video tutorials are usually for a short duration. They tend to cover a specific process within a span of five to fifteen minutes.

Video tutorials get the learner involved in the tutorial. The learner has the choice to manage the pace of the training by making use of controls on each page.

Video tutorials are generally created in Adobe Captivate® and Camatasia Studio®.

Benefits of Video tutorials over Written tutorials

Based on the above information it is evident, video tutorials are a notch up over written tutorials.

• It is much easier to interpret information when you see it rather than read it.

• It is simpler to understand directions when somebody is guiding you through, rather than thinking what it may look like in your head.

• The instructions given by a real person are clear to understand.

• From a business point of view it creates a personal touch as a person is talking with the user.

Written tutorials: An optimistic view

For all the advantages Video tutorials have, written tutorials do have some positive aspects.

• Many users would like to keep the document like a quick reference at their desks.

• The controls on the video tutorial take some time to getting used to, when compared with a step by step procedure on a written document.

• A written document is less scary to a new user as opposed to a video tutorial.